What You Need To Know About Fruit Infused Water Bottle

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Fruit Infused Water BottleIf you’re the type that hates drinking plain water, or if you just want to cut down on the amount of frizzy drinks or sugar filled beverages you consume, then infused water is the best alternative. Steeping fruits and vegetables into your water not only improves its taste but also has health benefits for your body. With the fruit infused water bottle by Young and More comes an alternative to that.

How long should you infuse water?

Although each water recipe is different, it is best to infuse herbs and fruits for at least four (4) hours to achieve the best flavor and water color. The best option is to infuse water over night in the fridge. If you want your water to infuse a bit faster, infuse your recipe at room temperature then serve your infused water over ice.

How long infused water can last for?

It is best to drink your infused water within 3-4 days. Unrefrigerated infused water should be drunk the same day it was infused. Remember, unlike store bought infused water, your water would not be pasteurized or filled with preservatives.

Generally, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon will last long. Lemon and lime are natural preservatives and help to keep your infused water tasting fresh. Beware of citrus rind however, as they can create a bitter taste after only a few hours.

How many times can you re-use the fruit in an infused water?

Each time you re-use the fruit it will lose flavor, the trick is to add more water to your infused water bottle when the water is half way down. Fruits such as berries, melons and fleshy fruits are not ideal for multiple infusions because they decompose quickly.

How to avoid your infused water from tasting bitter.

Your infused water might taste bitter because of rinds from citrus fruits used. To avoid, cut the rind from the fruit before infusing or do not infuse fruits with rinds for over four hours.

How to avoid your fruit from spoiling.

Simply refrigerate your infused water, as cold temperatures will keep your fruits fresh.

Which water is best to be used?

While it is recommended by most that you use boiling water to infuse your water because as it works faster, it is best to use room temperature or cold water. Hot water will destroy the fragile enzymes and vitamins in fruits that are beneficial to your health. Hot water will also make your fruits fall apart.

What is the best container for infusing water?

Infused water bottles are the best choice as you will not have to worry about fruit particles being in your water. The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by Young and More comes highly recommended.

In order to increase your daily water intake and to get nutritional value with your water then making your own infused water mix is the best option. With the aforementioned information, we hope making your infused water will be a lot easier.

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