What Will Makeup Brushes Be Like in 100 years?

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makeup brushesThere are many theories about what the Earth will be like in the future, even say, one hundred years from today. Some speculate that the Earth will be hotter, due to the depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and such phenomena. Others believe the Earth will go back to its prehistoric state of cool or cold weather. The weather would be one of the main factors affecting fashion, as well as beauty in the future. Presently, brushes are made of animal and synthetic hair. They are usually sturdy, but not so rigid that they scrape the skin, as makeup brushes from Keshima are soft enough to apply liquid or powder makeup.

The Germans are believed to be the first to manufacture makeup brushes. This activity spread to the United States, Japan and China, mostly because of the low cost of labor. Since the B.C. days, brushes that were used in calligraphy were made of animal hair. This was quickly transferred to makeup brushes. The hair was gathered, tied and trimmed by hand. What was then for the elite, which they considered so precious that they were even buried with them, soon spread so that no woman was without her own set of makeup brushes.

One hundred years from now, technology will advance so much that the bristles of the makeup brushes will be completely synthetic and be able to adapt to the climate the future woman finds herself in. If the weather is cold or hot, the bristles will be able to absorb, moisturize or thicken, while at the same time be able to apply the makeup. There would probably be no need for several brushes, as the one brush will be robust enough to apply the foundation and powdering. Possibly, with a click of a button on the handle, the brush will become thin enough to apply the eye shadow, and then change again for rouge and contours. Another possibility would be a computerized makeup kit that has different looks saved within its system. The futuristic woman could give oral instruction for day look for work or play, and likewise a night look for parties or dates.

Makeup brushes such as Keshima will not be obsolete one hundred years from now. They may change in their composition and method of application – mostly automated, but who knows? With the rate of technological development, we could just go into a changing room, decide what look is desired, press a button and everything is done for us without us having to lift a hand. The way of life depicted in the Jetsons’ cartoon may be just around the corner.

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