Top 5 Recipes for Infused Water Using Infused Water Bottle

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Infused Water BottleWe are aware that staying hydrated is a vital element to healthy aging but occasionally drinking plain water can get tedious. Motivate your loved one by making your own infused water in the warmer weather.

Of all seniors seen in the emergency room for virtually any reason are also slightly dehydrated. Similarly most individuals are at high risk for dehydration because their capability to preserve water is in fact reduced. Moreover, it’s less easy that they’re not as capable to react to temperature changes and in order for most people to understand thirst. When these natural changes are compounded with other variables for example chronic illness or hot weather to contain dementia or diabetes, dehydration can become serious.

Advantages of Staying Hydrated

Water consumption is an important part of remaining aging, remaining hydrated has several advantages including:

  • Helping to keep the equilibrium of body fluids.
  • Controlling caloric consumption and helping with weight control.
  • Energizing muscles.
  • Helping to preserve regular bowel function.
  • Helping kidneys function correctly.

Making your own flavored water using an infused water bottle is an excellent solution to remain hydrated. It’s all- fresh, natural, simple and nutritious. Below are the top 5 infused water recipes:

  1. Blueberry Pomegranate Mint

This one is perfect for all those of you just starting out. The water appears to dissipate the bitter undertones of the blueberry and pomegranate leaving you with a flavorsome drop that is sweetened. Pomegranate seeds and dark berries are rich in antioxidants which help clean free radicals out of your system while the metabolism to assist in digestion stimulates.


  1. Kiwifruit Coconut Water

I like to think of this mix as the “green juice” of the infused water world. With that identifiable flavor that is green, the kiwi fruit has substantially the same edges as it is exceptionally alkalizing, meaning it’s a rich supply of minerals to replace the surplus of acidic foods we eat during the day of other greens. As for coconut water, it is incredibly hydrating, softly sweet, and tastes amazing. I like to serve this one with ice and cooled kiwi!

  1. Orange Grapefruit Lemon Cucumber

This mix has to be my favorite, together with the powerful dose of citrus. The citrus fruits package a dynamo force of astonishing properties that are natural, primarily vitamin C, which means an immune system foster perfect for us headed in to winter. The chopped cucumber isn’t just refreshing, tasty, and cooling, but additionally, it may help reduce bloating due to high sodium consumption. Your glass may be refilled many times during the day, in the event you keep them cooled in the refrigerator immediately, even reusing the fruits the following day

  1. Raspberry Strawberry

Another blend rich in antioxidants – very best of all can be reused, and this one is straightforward, seems lovely, tastes astonishing! When I am finished with my infused water for the day I like to sift the berries (including berries from the other recipes here too) and pop them into the deep freezer to after add to a smoothie – that way you also get the fiber content that’s very important to digestion.

  1. Blueberry Lemon Rosemary

I believed I’d save the greatest till last with this divine blend. I have rosemary and the aroma it gives off when it is watered by me in the morning is lovely, so I thought I had try adding it to my water. ET voila! Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties and is usually

The infused water bottle will definitely make your life much easier. Cleaning it is no hassle it’s dishwasher safe. Just place it on the top rack of the dishwasher and that’s it, you’re good to go to make another of your favorite concoction.

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