The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes with Brush Holder

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Makeup Brushes With Brush HolderWithout clean makeup brushes, your chances of getting a flawless application is lessened. Consider the washing of your makeup brushes as a part of your makeup routine. Sure you know which brush is for contouring, highlighting, applying eye shadow and applying bronzer, but the residue from past application can be a real spoiler for the professional look you would want to achieve.

It may be safe to say that every woman has some bad beauty habits. Not washing makeup brushes is one habit that would make it onto many women’s “bad makeup habit lists”, but it is really not okay to engage in this practice. Cinya Burton of states that, “Taking proper care of your bristles helps their performance, extends their lifetime, and prevents harmful bacteria from forming.”

Dirty Brushes Affects the Skin

Residue power and pigment are only two notable things that the bristles of your brush will pick up when they are used. They also collect oil, dirt and bacteria which do not spell well for those with sensitive skin or are prone to acne. If your brush is not washed, you can gently run your fingers over the bristles and observe all the build-up that is there. Each time you apply makeup with that dirty brush the build-up is transferred to your skin. Imagine that! This can cause your skin to breakout into pimples and acnes. Using a dirty makeup brush is actually counteractive to your aim of beautifying your skin, as it introduces germs that negatively affects your skin’s health. The aim of makeup is to advance your beauty, not destroy your skin’s health. May as well you mix a paste with the buildup and lather on.

Spreading Viruses

There is also the issue of spreading viruses with unwashed makeup brushes, especially when one engages in the practice of sharing brushes. In her article that addressed the issue of keeping makeup brushes clean, Burton quoted New York-based dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., “Eye shadow and liner brushes can transfer pinkeye or other viral infections, so try not to share them!” Using someone else’s dirty brushes should be a thought that is far removed from your mind.

The risk of spreading viral infections is much less with brushes that are not used to apply makeup to wet areas such the eyes and the mouth. These include your blush and face powder brushes. It is recommended that you clean your brushes at least every three months. Use warm water and a gentle soap.

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