Reasons To Buy The Exhilarate Glass Water Bottle With Straw and Flip Out Spout

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Glass Water Bottle With StrawThe purchasing decision of consumers is usually influenced by the pros and cons of the product. Cost, effect on health, durability and ease of care are just a few of the factors that generally drive consumer decision. Whenever you buy something, there has to be some reasons to go in favor of that product, and against all the other choices you have. Water bottles are a necessity, especially for those who are keen on staying hydrated. They are regarded as an accessory, but they play an integral role in our day to day lives. Thus, you need to choose a good water bottle, one that is safe and offers you a convenient drinking experience.

The Exhilarate Glass Water Bottle With Straw & Flip Out Spout is a simple, but very elegant fluid container. It is extremely portable, and impeccably safe. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying the Exhilarate Glass Water Bottle With Straw and Flip Out.

  • First, it is made of glass. Unlike plastic products, glass does not contain the harmful synthetic compound – BPA. Bisphenol A or what is commonly referred to as BPA, is a hazard to human health. It is a chemical or a synthetically processed compound that makes plastics tough and clear. This material can damage the cognitive skills of kids, affect behaviors, and can also increase the risks of heart problems and cancer in the long run. No one wants their water bottles to be a health hazard. The US FDA has classified BPA as an unsafe material, by stating that there are some health concerns which have to be taken seriously. The best alternative to plastic bottles is a glass water bottle with straw.
  • Glass water bottles with large or narrow necks and mouths would not be the most ideal portable water container. They can be most inconvenient, as you may spill the water or water may drip from the mouth and wet the floor or spoil your dress. Thus, a glass water bottle with straw seems to be the obvious alternative.
  • In comparison to other glass containers, Exhilarate Glass water bottle with Straw has a distinct advantage. It has a silicone sleeve that offers an impeccable grip. The black colored sleeve adds a tinge of aesthetic elegance to the design and appearance. Aside from this, the silicone grip does not come off when the water bottle is washed in the dishwasher. Yes! You can wash this bottle in a dishwasher, unlike some other glass bottles that may break or may interfere with the dishwasher’s functioning.

The glass water bottle with straw from Exhilarate does not retain odor, does not allow stains to build up, and is very easy to clean. These are more advantages that anyone would desire.

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