Novella Revive Dry Cracked Foot Heel Relief Treatment Cream

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Novella Revive Ultimate Moisture Lotion for Feet – Reduces Itching and Removes Dead Skin While Softening & Conditioning –

Novella Revive with mOmega3 with quad action formula helps to maintain the skinĀ“s moisture seal-in function and restores the health of the intercellular filling material Novella Revive is a patented formula that effectively relieves the symptoms of very dry and cracked feet, as well as the diabetic foot by increasing the permeability of the cracked or calloused skin.

* REMOVES DEAD SKIN – Created to remove dead skin from the feet and hydrate remaining skin to prevent build up of dead skin (calluses) again.
* PATENTED mCollagenTM – Collagen particles extracted from fish skin using a patented technology. The particles form a protective layer across sensitive skin, filling up small wrinkles and damaged areas for great foot care.
* PATENTED mOmega3TM – Extraction technology has been especially developed to preserve the fatty acids ability to maintain moisture in the outermost layer of the skin.
* DIABETIC CARE – Great foot cream for dry, cracked diabetic feet and heels by increasing the permeability of the calloused skin.
* SOFTENS & CONDITIONS – During the healing process, the cracked and dry heel will become soft while conditioning the skin to prevent future dry skin build up.

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