Moisturize Your Skin with Organic Shea Butter from Skin Ritual

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Organic Shea ButterThe skin is probably the organ that is least cared for by most people.  Many people disregard a simple thing as moisturizing. But, moisturizing the skin is imperative. It doesn’t matter where you live, what kind of lifestyle you have, what type of skin you have and how old or young you are. Moisturizing is a necessity. There is a widespread belief that people with dry skin require moisturizing and those with oily skin don’t. That is a misconception. It is true that people with dry skin need more moisturizing but those who have oily skin will also need moisturizers. Depending on the time of the year and the environmental or climatic challenges, the skin loses or retains moisture to varying degrees. Too much heat and humidity can extract more moisture from your skin than you would imagine and mildly cold conditions may not always have a tough bearing on the skin.

The bottom line is that everyone needs to moisturize their skin and the best solution is Organic Shea Butter from Skin Ritual. There are many kinds of moisturizers in the market today. Some of these moisturizers are water-based, some are milk-based, some are oil-based, and some have unique formulas which are patented but not entirely known or understood.

Different skin types demand different kinds of moisturizers. Oily skin doesn’t go well with oil based or even milk based moisturizers. Likewise, the driest of skins will not do well with water based moisturizer – countless studies have proven that water is not the best moisturizer available in nature.

To counter the varying challenges of water, oil, milk and special formula based moisturizers, which are in most cases synthetic, the best option is to go with unrefined shea butter organic from Skin Ritual.

There are many reasons why organic shea butter is the best skin moisturizer. First and foremost,it is completely natural. The butter is extracted from the shea nut of the Karite Tree. This moisturizer is 100% organic. There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients and you are not being exposed to any chemicals.

Unrefined organic shea butter suits all skin types. Whether you have extremely dry skin, dry skin, oily skin or extremely oil skin, this shea butter will provide the right amount of moisture required to maintain heathy skin. Of course, you would use the amount that is needed based on your skin type. So, somebody with extremely oily skin would not use the same amount as someone with dry skin, nor as frequent.

Using unrefined shea butter organic from Skin Ritual will not cause acnes and you will not leave any greasy, oily residue that is common with many pharmaceutical moisturizers. The best bet for your skin is something that is natural that will help the skin to produce the right amount of moisture that is required to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Unrefined organic shea butter helps to maintain an even skin tone and to reduce wrinkle lines and crow’s feet. This makes it the perfect beauty product that keeps your skin looking young and smooth.

So, whether you have super dry skin or oily skin, or sensitive skin you can invest in a pure all-natural shea butter such as Skin Ritual’s Unrefined Organic Shea Butter. It doesn’t matter where you’re from and what type of skin you have. This moisturizer provides natural moisture for the skin, so there is no health risk. If you have allergic reactions to nuts, you may need to contact your dermatologist or a doctor before you begin to use this product. Remember that the skin is prone to infections and diseases just like any other organ in the body, so do your best to protect it always!

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