How to Use Exercise Bands Resistance to Get the Most Effective Workout

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Exercise Bands ResistanceWhen you want to work out to lose weight and tone up, you might want to consider a good set of exercise bands resistance. These are lightweight and compact and easy to use even if you’re very out of shape and haven’t worked out in some time, or have never worked out. They’re safer than free weights in many ways and can give you a thorough, overall workout.

To really use these bands properly and to get the most benefit from them, it’s good to understand how they work and how to use them at home or when on the road. Consider a few tips in this regard.

The Arms

There are a few ways to build muscle tone in the arms with these bands. One is to put the band under one foot and use them for bicep curls. Start with your arms down by your sides, holding each end of the band. Gently curl your arms up while keeping your elbows in place. You want to bend the elbows and not move the shoulders during this movement.

To work the upper arms you can also affix the bands to a door behind you. With your back to the door and the end of a band in each hand, reach straight out in front of you one arm at a time. Cayman Fitness exercise bands resistance will work the entire upper arms, shoulders and back with this move. Another good move to work the upper arms and backs of the arms is to sit and put the band around one foot in front of you and pull it back. Your triceps will perform most of this movement so you can tone your entire upper arm.

The Legs

The best way to work the legs is to use the ankle strap and affix the band to a door. To work the inside and outside of the legs, cross one leg over the other. To work the front and back of the legs, pull the leg straight out in front of you. You’ll notice the different muscles working with each movement and will feel the tension as you change positions.

You can also use the exercise bands for a modified leg press. Sit and hold a band in front you, stretched out with both arms. Put one foot on the band and push forward. You’ll feel the upper thighs and even your backside work for this movement.

For each exercise you do with your legs, be sure you switch legs often and use the highest resistance possible. Your leg muscles are large and strong and need to be challenged in order to get toned and firm.

To make each exercise effective you also need to ensure you’re pulling with the muscles that are meant to be worked and never jerk your back or upper body. You also need to keep a firm grip on the exercise bands themselves so you build resistance and keep the muscles engaged. Cayman Fitness exercise bands resistance comes with a handle and door anchor to make targeting of muscles more easy.

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